Bhawna shows you how to
launch an Amazon EMR
cluster in a VPC environment


I want to create a VPC and launch an Amazon EMR cluster into it. How do I do that? 

  1. Create a VPC using the Amazon VPC console.
  2. Create an internet gateway and attach it to the VPC.
  3. Add a route to the internet gateway to the VPC's route table. For IPv4 traffic, specify in the Destination box. For IPv6 traffic, specify ::/0 in the Destination box. Select the internet gateway ID in the Target list.
  4. Create a subnet in the VPC. The subnet will be associated with the route table of the VPC. Because this route table has a route to an internet gateway, it's known as a public subnet.
    Note: Amazon EMR supports private subnets in release versions 4.2 and above. When you use private subnets for Amazon EMR, you must use a NAT gateway and a security group. For more information, see Launch Amazon EMR Clusters into a VPC in the Amazon EMR Management Guide.
  5. Launch an Amazon EMR cluster into the VPC.
    Note: If you choose Hadoop 2.x in the Software Configuration section, be sure that DNS hostnames are enabled for your VPC. If this setting isn't enabled, the Amazon EMR cluster stays in the provisioning phase and fails later.  

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Published: 2018-08-06