Farrukh shows you how to
use an XML DB option group
in an RDS Oracle 11g instance


I’m running an Amazon RDS instance using a version of Oracle prior to 12c. How do I enable Oracle XML DB for my instance?

Oracle XML DB is preinstalled on RDS instances running Oracle versions 12c and later. To enable Oracle XML DB for RDS instances running Oracle versions prior to version 12c, perform the following steps:

1.    Open the RDS console.

2.    From the navigation pane on the left, choose Option Groups.

3.    Choose Create Group.

For Name and Description, enter something meaningful to you.
For Engine, select oracle-ee.
For Major Engine Version, select your Oracle database’s version.

4.    Choose Create.

5.    Select your newly created option group and choose Add Option.

For Option, choose XMLDB.
For Apply Immediately, choose Yes if you want the change to be applied immediately. If you want the change to be applied during your next maintenance window, choose No. If you’re not sure, see Modifying an Amazon RDS DB Instance and Using the Apply Immediately Parameter.

6.    Attach the option group to your database instance by going to Instances -> Instance Actions -> Modify and select the newly created option group by selecting it in the Option Group list.

7.    Log in to your DB instance as master, and run the following query to confirm that a user with the name XDB has been created:

select * from dba_users;

8.    Unlock the XDB user’s account status and set a password for the user using the following two commands:

alter user xdb account unlock

alter user xdb identified by password

After the XML DB option is successfully applied to your DB instance, you’ll have full access to the Oracle XML DB repository; no post-installation tasks are required.

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Published: 2016-11-21