When I attempt to run Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) release 4.x with bootstrap actions, I receive an error similar to the following:

The supplied bootstrap actions(s):'Custom action' are not supported by release 'emr-4.x.x'.

The same bootstrap actions work without error on EMR release 3.x AMIs.

EMR 4.x provides configuration objects to simplify the application configuration process. EMR 4.x configuration objects are used to set application parameters previously set using the Applications parameter of the RunJobFlow action.

EMR 4.x configuration objects replace functionality of some bootstrap scripts. For more information about using the application configuration feature of EMR 4.x to replace bootstrap scripts, see Configurations Replace Predefined Bootstrap Actions.

The following bootstrap actions are no longer supported with EMR release 4.x:

  • configure-daemons
  • configure-hadoop
  • S3Get

If you are using bootstrap scripts to configure third-party applications, review your scripts to account for changes on EMR 4.x. For more information about implementing scripts and the new configuration feature provided with EMR 4.x, see Configurations Replace Predefined Bootstrap Actions.

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Published: 2016-05-18