I have a Convertible Reserved Instance (RI), but my needs have changed and I want to exchange it for a different RI. How do I do that?

You can exchange one or more Convertible Reserved Instances for different Reserved Instances if the following things are true:

  • The Reserved Instance is in the active state (it has been successfully activated on your account, and it hasn't expired).
  • You don't have a pending exchange request for any of the Reserved Instances you want to exchange.
  • If you want to exchange multiple Reserved Instances (for example, exchanging two of one type for a larger one), all the Reserved Instances expire in the same hour.
  • If all of the above are true, follow the instructions at Submitting Exchange Requests.

Note: If you're trying to exchange your RIs for RIs with a higher upfront cost, you'll need to pay a true-up cost (the difference between the two upfront costs).

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Published: 2017-05-31