I started an Amazon EC2 instance, but I can't see it in the Amazon EC2 console. Where is my instance?

Here are some common reasons you might not be able to see an EC2 instance in the console:

The instance is running, but the console is set to a different region

EC2 instances are regional, and you can only view one region at a time in the console. Make sure that you have the correct region selected. For instructions for changing the region you're viewing, see Selecting a Region.

The instance was running, but another user of your account has since shut the instance down

If another user on your account has access to EC2, they might have terminated the instance. Check with other users of your account to see if they've terminated the instance.

The instance is running on another AWS account

If you have more than one AWS account, you might be signed in to a different account, or you might have launched the instance you're looking for under a different account. Check any other accounts you might have to see if the instance is running under another account.

The instance was running, but a process or service has since shut the instance down

If your instance was connected to or launched by Auto Scaling, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Load Balancing, or other services or features that start and stop instances, the instance may have been terminated, according to the way that the service was configured. See that service's documentation for more detailed information.

The instance was launched as a Spot instance, and the current Spot price has exceeded your bid

Spot instances terminate automatically when your bid price is lower than the current Spot price. For more information about Spot instances, see Getting Started. For current Spot prices, see Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing.

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Published: 2016-03-23