I signed up for a new AWS Support plan in the AWS Management Console, but I'm not able to create a technical support case in the AWS Support Center—why?

Here are common reasons you might not be able to file a technical support case after signing up for a support plan:

The initial support plan charge for the remainder of the current month wasn't processed successfully

When you sign up for a support plan, your payment method is immediately billed a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month. Until this charge is processed, the support plan is not activated.

Check the information on your payment method to make sure it's correct, contact the issuing institution of your payment method to make sure there aren't any outstanding issues, and then contact AWS Support for help retrying the charge.

Support plans might take a little while to activate

While most support plans are active a few minutes after the initial charge is processed, sometimes the support plan can take up to 12 hours to activate. Try to create a technical support case again in a few hours.

You may not have the right permissions

If you sign in to the AWS account as an IAM user, your IAM policy must include permissions to access the Support Center and file cases. For more information, see How do I grant an IAM user access to file support cases? or contact your AWS account administrator.

If you've ruled out all of these issues, but your plan is not activated after 12 hours, contact AWS Support for assistance.

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Published: 2016-03-29

Updated: 2017-05-18