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I forgot the credentials I use to sign in to my AWS account. What can I do?

If you forgot the password associated with your AWS account, see How do I recover a lost or forgotten AWS password?

To recover a password, you must know the email address or account number associated with the account.

If you're not sure of the email address associated with an AWS account:

  • Check for correspondence from AWS in the inbox and spam folder of any email address you might have used in the past to open an AWS account. Most account-related correspondence from AWS comes from If you find correspondence from in an email inbox, it's likely that email address has an AWS account associated with it.
  • If you didn't originally create the account, contact anyone in your organization who might have created the account. The creator of the account set its root credentials, and the account creator might be able to provide them for you.

If you still can't find or access your AWS account, use one of the alternate support options at Contact Us by expanding the I'm an AWS customer and I'm looking for billing or account support menu.

If you've forgotten your IAM user ID:

  • Contact your account administrator. Account administrators can update the credentials and permissions associated with an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, and they can provide you with the unique IAM sign-in URL for the account.

Note: AWS Support can't discuss the details of any AWS account other than the account you're signed in to. AWS Support can't change the credentials associated with an account for any reason.

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Published: 2016-02-05

Updated: 2018-09-26