My account is covered by the AWS Free Tier. Why do I need to add a payment method to my account?

A valid payment method is required for accounts covered under the AWS Free Tier for a few reasons:

  • Accounts covered under the AWS Free Tier are not restricted in what they can launch. As you ramp up with AWS, you might start using more than what's covered under the AWS Free Tier. Because these additional resources might incur additional charges, a payment method is required on the account.
  • Not all services are covered under the AWS Free Tier. For example, you might decide to purchase Reserved Instances, Amazon Route 53 domains, or an AWS Support subscription to help support your development efforts. These services all require a valid payment method to activate.

If you're worried about accidentally incurring charges while using the AWS Free Tier, see How do I make sure I don't incur charges when using the AWS Free Tier?

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Published: 2016-02-18

Updated 2018-03-07