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I want to use AWS Organizations to administer and pay bills for other AWS accounts. How do I do that?

First, enable AWS Organizations for your account. Then you can add other AWS accounts to your organization.

Enable AWS Organizations for your account

  1. Open the AWS Management Console, and choose your account name from the navigation bar.
  2. Choose My Organization.
  3. Choose Create Organization.
  4. Choose Enable all features or Enable only consolidated billing. For more information, see Available feature sets in AWS Organizations Terminology and Concepts.
  5. After you've chosen a feature set for your organization, choose Create.

Add accounts to your organization

After creating your organization, you can either create a new member account or invite an existing AWS account to be a member account in your organization. You can apply service control policies (SCPs) to any account in your organization to manage each account's level of access and permissions.

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Published: 2017-07-14