What is an IAM user, and how can I create and manage an IAM user’s permissions?

An IAM user is a unique identity with limited access to an AWS account and its resources, as defined by their IAM permissions and policies. IAM users can represent a person, system, or application, similar to a login user in Windows or UNIX. IAM policies assigned to a user must grant explicit permissions to services or resources before the user can view or use them.

An IAM user makes requests to AWS services using a password or access key. You can permit a user to access any or all of the AWS services that have been integrated with IAM, or use IAM in conjunction with external identity sources, such as Microsoft Active Directory, AWS Directory Service, or Login with Amazon.

For detailed information about creating an IAM user, see Creating an IAM User in Your AWS Account.

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Published: 2016-06-15

Updated: 2017-08-26