Felix shows you how to
optimize performance for
new EBS volumes
restored from snapshots


I am not getting full performance immediately after creating an EBS volume from a snapshot. How can I fix that?

To be sure that your restored EBS volume functions at peak capacity in production, you can force the immediate initialization of the entire volume using standard Linux tools.

Create an EBS volume from a snapshot

Create a new EBS volume based on your snapshot. For detailed steps, see Restoring an Amazon EBS Volume from a Snapshot.

Attach the volume to an instance

When the volume is available, attach the volume to an instance. For more information, see Attaching an Amazon EBS Volume to an Instance.

From an SSH client, connect to the EC2 instance and then use the lsblk command to verify the new volume, or check the Linux dmesg log.

Initialize the EBS volume

When the EBS volume is attached, start a background job to initialize the EBS volume using dd or fio. For more information, see Initializing Amazon EBS Volumes.

When the initialization is complete, you can mount the volume and start using it at its peak capacity.

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Published: 2018-06-04