I would like to learn the fundamentals of deploying and managing an Amazon EC2 instance of Linux on AWS.

To learn the fundamentals of running Linux on AWS, the Amazon EC2 core documentation is an important resource. Users that are new to Linux need to understand some fundamental aspects of Linux to make effective use of an EC2 instance of Linux on AWS.

Read and complete the steps in the following documentation to create a Free Tier eligible Amazon EC2 Linux instance with a public IP address to learn the fundamentals of running and using Linux on AWS:

Creating and connecting to an Amazon EC2 Linux instance:

Getting started information in the Amazon EC2 Linux core documentation:

Installing and running a web application on an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Linux instance:

Understanding Linux users and group and how to navigate the Linux directory structure:

Commonly used Linux GNU utilities with examples:

Amazon EC2 Linux troubleshooting:

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