My Amazon EC2 instance has been terminated, but I need to recover or restore data from that instance. How can I recover or restore the data?

As part of an EC2 instance termination, the data on any instance store volumes associated with that instance is deleted, and by default, the root EBS volume is automatically deleted.

After an EC2 instance has been terminated, it is not possible to recover either the original EC2 instance or any volumes that were deleted as part of the termination process.

However, if you have any backups in the form of EBS snapshots or AMIs from the terminated EC2 instance, then it is possible to use these backups to launch a replacement EC2 instance.

Also, If there are any additional remaining EBS volumes from the EC2 instance that were not deleted as part of the termination process, you can attach those to another EC2 instance to access the data contained in those volumes.

You might want to use termination protection to help prevent this kind of accident in the future, in addition to regularly taking snapshots and AMIs to back up critical data.

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Published: 2016-12-05