How do I create and prioritize query queues in my Amazon Redshift cluster?

Last updated: 2019-05-09

I want to create separate queues in my Amazon Redshift cluster for queries run by different users. I also want to prioritize certain queues ahead of others.


Create query queues in workload management (WLM). Each queue is allocated a portion of the cluster's available memory. To route queries to queues based on user groups and query groups, define query assignment rules. Queries that aren't assigned to other queues run in the default queue. For more information about creating and routing query queues, see Tutorial: Configuring Workload Management (WLM) Queues to Improve Query Processing.

To prioritize queues, adjust the maximum execution time and concurrency of your queues. You can use short query acceleration (SQA) to prioritize selected short-running queries ahead of longer-running queries. For more information, see Short Query Acceleration.

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