Kiranjith shows you how to
perform an in-place restore
of your OpsWorks server


I'm having issues with my AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate server, so I want to restore it from a backup version. How can I do that?

1. Open the AWS OpsWorks console and take note of the Chef server name that you want to restore.

2. Connect to an EC2 instance that has the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) installed and configured. Be sure that you have the correct IAM permissions to configure AWS OpsWorks servers.

3. Open the terminal and run the following AWS CLI command to view a list of available backup Chef servers.

Note: Be sure to replace "MyChefAutomateServer" with the name of your Chef server and "us-west-2" with your region.

$ aws opsworks-cm describe-backups --server-name MyChefAutomateServer --region us-west-2

4. From the list of backups, copy the full BackupId—including the timestamp—of the version that you want to use to restore the Chef server.

5. Run the following AWS CLI command to restore the Chef server.

Note: Be sure to replace "MyChefAutomateServerBackupID" with the full BackupId of the version you want to use. Be sure to also replace "MyChefAutomateServer" and "us-west-2" with your Chef server's name and region, respectively.

$ aws opsworks-cm restore-server --backup-id "MyChefAutomateServerBackupID" --server-name MyChefAutomateServer --region us-west-2

After you complete these steps, you can monitor the Chef server's status by using the AWS OpsWorks console. After the backup is restored to a new server and its status is healthy, you can verify the success of the restore by opening the Chef Automate dashboard.

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Published: 2017-12-21