I want to know how my size-flexible Reserved Instances apply to my bill.

To find out if your Reserved Instance is size-flexible, see How do regional and size-flexible Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances work?

If your Reserved Instance is size-flexible, the following considerations apply:

  • Your Reserved Instance will apply to usage for any instance in its family of its same size or smaller. For example, if you purchase a Reserved Instance for an m3.large instance, it also applies to m3.medium instances.
  • Multiple smaller Reserved Instances also combine to apply to larger instances. For example, if you purchase a Reserved Instance for two m3.large instances, they are combined to cover an m3.xlarge instance, provided that neither of the Reserved Instances already applies to an m3.large instance.
  • Reserved Instances can't be set to apply to specific instances. For example, if you're running multiple combinations of instances that a particular Reserved Instance can apply to, you can't designate which of these combinations receives the benefit of the Reserved Instance.

If you're in an organization with multiple accounts under a consolidated bill, additional considerations can apply. For more information, see How is the pricing benefit of a Reserved Instance applied across an organization's consolidated bill?

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Published: 2017-06-16

Updated: 2018-02-08