I want to know how my size-flexible Reserved Instances apply to my bill.

To find out if your Reserved Instance is size-flexible, see How do regional and size-flexible Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances work?

If your Reserved Instance is size-flexible, it applies to usage for any instance in its family of its same size or smaller. For example, if you purchase a Reserved Instance for an m3.large instance, it also applies to m3.medium instances.

Reserved Instances for smaller instances also combine to apply to larger instances. For example, if you purchase a Reserved Instance for two m3.large instances, they are combined to cover an m3.xlarge instance, provided that neither of the Reserved Instances already applies to an m3.large instance.

Reserved Instances can't be set to apply to specific instances. For example, if you're running multiple combinations of instances that a particular Reserved Instance could apply to, you can't designate which of these combinations receives the benefit of the Reserved Instance.

However, if you're in an organization with multiple accounts under a consolidated bill, any Reserved Instances that were purchased with your account are first applied to eligible instances running on your account. If there are no eligible instances or combinations of instances on your account, they are applied to instances on other accounts in the Consolidated Billing family.

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Published: 2017-06-16