How do I configure and attach a security group to my Elastic Load Balancing load balancer?

If you’re using a Classic Load Balancer, you can associate a security group with it by following the instructions for Managing Security Groups Using the Console or Managing Security Groups Using the AWS CLI.

If you’re using an Application Load Balancer, you can associate a security group with it using the Amazon EC2 console or AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) by following these instructions: Security Groups for Your Application Load Balancer.

If you're using a Network Load Balancer, they are not directly associated with security groups like the other Load Balancer types. Instead, update the security groups of your target instances to allow traffic from the IPs associated with your Network Load Balancer.

If you need to create a new security group, follow the instructions for Creating a Security Group.

Note: If you delete the security groups associated with a load balancer, those load balancers might not be able to receive traffic. Be sure you associate at least one security group with each load balancer, and that the security group allows connections between the load balancer and associated backend instances.

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Published: 2016-10-14

Updated: 2017-12-20