How do I request a spending limit increase for the SMS messages in Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)?

Amazon SNS has a restriction on the number of mobile text messages that users can send using the service. By default, this limit is set to 1.00 USD, which prevents abuse or misuse of the service by spammers, scammers, and phishers. There are a few prerequisites that must be met when you request a limit increase.

Be sure that you have a valid request for an SMS limit increase. All SMS limit increase requests are manually processed by the AWS SMS team. When processing a limit increase, the team reviews the following parameters, among others:

  • The use case of your application sending the SMS messages
  • Message type (Transactional or Promotional)
  • Your requested spend limit
  • The AWS account's history

Because the process is manual, it can take a few days for the limit increase to be approved. To minimize the time required to increase the limit, be sure that you supply AWS Support with all the necessary data to fulfill your request.

Note: SMS messaging is only supported in the following Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

Calculate your required spend limit

SMS messaging prices can vary greatly around the world. For example, delivering a message to India can cost 0.00223 USD per message, but Transactional-type messages to Australia can cost upwards of 0.06 USD. Calculate your spend limit by multiplying the expected number of messages per month by the cost per message.

For example, to send 300 messages per day to only Indian numbers, a safe limit for this is about 20.00 USD (300 messages x 0.00223 USD per outbound message x 30 days = 20.07). Requesting very high limits without a valid use case will result in the denial of the limit increase request.

For more information on pricing for SMS message delivery to specific countries, see Worldwide SMS Pricing.

Describe your use case

A valid use case describes your intended use for SMS. This should be a paragraph of information including:

  • The requested spend limit
  • The company or website's name and description
  • The types of messages
  • The mobile number's origins
  • Target audience
  • How the numbers were obtained

The following is a sample use case:

"We require an SMS limit increase of 100 USD to be sure that our application ( stays highly available. Our application is an e-commerce website that uses SMS messaging to supply users with one-time passwords and shipping notifications. Users are required to submit and verify their mobile numbers upon account creation and have the option to disable SMS contact for shipping notifications. Our customers are located in the United States. We expect to be sending 40 SMS messages per hour. We intend to use the SMS short code 'mysampleapp' when delivering messages."

Create a limit increase request with AWS Support

  1. Go to the AWS Support Center.
  2. Choose Create case, and enter the following information:
    Regarding: Service Limit Increase
    Limit Type: SNS Text Messaging
    Resource Type: General Limits
    Limit: Account Spend Threshold Increase for SMS
    New limit value: Enter the requested spend limit you calculated earlier
  3. Enter information about the application:
    Link to site or app which will be sending SMS: Service limit increase
    Type of messages: Choose Transactional, Promotional, or One-time Passwords
    Targeted Countries: General Limits
    Use Case Description: Enter the use case you created earlier
    Support Language: Choose your preferred correspondence language for this case
  4. Choose Submit.

Track the status of your limit increase request by choosing Case History in the AWS Support Center. Or, check your mailbox for updates from AWS Support.

Note: The approval process can take 3-5 days to be fulfilled. When a request is submitted, the request must first be processed by AWS Support. AWS Support will review the use case and open a request with the SMS team for your limit to be increased. As SMS limit increase requests require action from multiple teams, AWS is unable to expedite these requests.

Update your SMS Preferences

When you receive a confirmation that your account spend limit for SMS has been approved, update the approved value in the text messaging preferences in SNS. If you skip this step, your SMS spend limit won't increase.

  1. Open the SNS console.
  2. Choose Text messaging (SMS) from the left navigation pane.
  3. Choose Manage text messaging preferences.
  4. For Account spend limit enter your new SMS spend limit. You might receive a warning that the entered value is larger than the default spend limit. You can ignore this message.
  5. Choose Update preferences.

If you receive a red "Invalid Parameter" banner, recheck the contact from AWS Support and confirm that you are attempting to increase your spend limit to the correct value. If you still experience a problem, open a Support case with AWS Support using the Support Center, located at the top-right of the page.

Note: Account spend limits are enforced per AWS Region. This allows you to use other AWS Regions for sending text messages if you reach the maximum account spend limit in one AWS Region. For example, you are sending SNS text messages using the N. Virginia Region (us-east-1) with an approved spend limit of 20.00 USD, and you exhaust the spend limit. You can still send text messages using the Oregon Region (us-west-2) if you have specified the approved account spend limit text messaging preferences for the Oregon Region.

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Published: 2018-09-27