I’m trying to add an attachment to my support case, but it’s not working. What should I do?

The following are common reasons for not being able to add an attachment to your support case:

  • You have three attachments attached to your support case already. Support cases can have a maximum of three files attached to them.
  • The file you’re attempting to attach is more than 5 MB in size. Currently, individual files can be up to 5 MB in size. If possible, attempt to break larger files into parts that are less than 5 MB each in size.
  • You’re filing the case from an AWS GovCloud-enabled account. To minimize the risk of the accidental transfer of sensitive data, accounts with access to the GovCloud (US) region can’t add attachments to AWS Support cases.

If you need to send attachments that have one or more of the above characteristics to AWS Support, request an alternate method in your support case.

Note: Do not send AWS support any sensitive data, including access credentials such as access keys, or data bound by special requirements or regulations (such as ITAR data).

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Published: 2016-06-22

Updated: 2016-9-22