I want to tag my AWS resources, so I can more easily track usage and spending across different projects, cost centers, or development environments. How do I do that?

Tags are key-value pairs that allow you to organize your AWS resources into groups.

When tags are applied to your resources, you can use them to do any of the following useful tasks:

  • Use tags in conjunction with Resource Groups to help you visualize information about tagged resources in one place, rather than switching between multiple AWS consoles or regions.
  • View billing information about tagged resources using Cost Explorer and Cost and Usage Reports.
  • Send notifications about spending limits related to particular tags using AWS Budgets.

You can also use logical groupings of your resources that make sense for your infrastructure or business. For example, you might organize your resources by project, cost center, development environment, application, or department.

After you know what you want to tag, you can follow these instructions for Implementing a New Tagging Strategy.

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Published: 2017-06-16