How do I create an AWS DMS task assessment report?

Last updated: 2019-05-22

How do I create a task assessment report in AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)?


To run an assessment, a task must be in a Stopped state and you must be in the same AWS Region that the task was created. For new tasks, be sure that Start task on create isn't selected when you create your task.

  1. Create a task.
  2. Open the AWS DMS console, and then choose Database migration tasks from the navigation pane.
  3. Select your task, choose Actions, and then choose Assess.
  4. Choose Assess again to start the task assessment.
  5. After the Status of the task changes from Assessing to Ready, choose the name of your task.
  6. From the Assessment result section, choose Open or View error details, if the assessment failed.
  7. When you are done reviewing the assessment report, choose Cancel.