I want to move an AWS Direct Connect connection from one AWS account to another. How can I do this?

Moving a Direct Connect connection to another account requires transferring ownership of the connection. Transferring ownership must be done by AWS Support to be sure that both the current owner and new owner agree to the transfer. Both the source account and the destination account must open separate cases with AWS Support.

Follow these steps:

Note: These steps assume that the owner of the source account has agreed to move the Direct Connect connection to the destination account.

  1. Open a support case from the account that currently is the owner of the connection. This is the source account.
  2. Open a support case from the account that will be the new owner of the connection. This is the destination account. From this support case, grant permissions to accept ownership of the connections presently owned by the source account. Make a note of this case number.
  3. Update the case opened by the source account with the number of the case that was opened by the destination account.
  4. After reviewing both cases, AWS will initiate the process to change the ownership of the Direct Connect connection.

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Published: 2016-06-17

Updated: 2018-07-31