How can I transfer ownership of Amazon WorkDocs files and folders?

To transfer ownership of WorkDocs files and folders from one user account to another, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your WorkDocs site as an administrator.
    Note: Only administrators can transfer ownership of WorkDocs files and folders.
  2. Choose the My account avatar on the top right corner, and then choose Open admin control panel.
  3. Under Manage Users, choose the NAME or USERNAME of the user account that you want to transfer ownership from, and then choose Edit user.
  4. To change the user account from active to inactive, choose Inactive, and then choose Transfer Document Ownership.
    Note: Before you can transfer ownership of a file or folder a user account owns, that user account must be inactive.
  5. Type the email address for the user that you want to transfer ownership to, and then choose Save Changes.
    Note: This action can't be undone. Only the new owner of the file or folder can make changes.

Document ownership is transferred to the new user, and document shares are transferred to the new owner.

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Published: 2018-06-08