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connecting to a Snowball appliance


Why can’t my AWS Snowball appliance establish a connection with the network?

An AWS Snowball appliance failing to connect to the network is usually due to IP conflicts with a static address, an expired DHCP address, or bad cables.

Try the following to troubleshoot failed connections from your workstation to the Snowball appliance:

  • Make sure that both ends of the network cable connecting the Snowball are plugged in.
  • Change the IP address of the Snowball device from static to DHCP, or from DHCP to static.
    • Typically, DHCP is the correct option for connecting a Snowball appliance; however, cycling back and forth will usually also cycle the IP address. Once your Snowball is assigned a new IP address, try to connect your workstation to the Snowball appliance through the Snowball client.
  • Once the IP address and the port appear to be set, try connecting to the Snowball using the snowball start command. Remember to include the IP address for the Snowball, the path to the manifest for this job, and the unlock code, as these options are required for that command. You can get your manifest and unlock code (known collectively as credentials) from the Snowball management console.
  • Power cycle the Snowball appliance.
  1. The power button is located above the E-Ink display. Press the power button firmly for five seconds. After the Snowball appliance turns off, wait 60 seconds.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the back of the Snowball appliance. Wait another 60 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cable back in.
  4. Press the power button to turn the Snowball appliance on.
  • If the Snowball appliance’s display shows an IP address, try using networking tools like ping, netcat, or telnet to ping the address or connect to the appliance.
  • If available, use CAT5E cables other than the ones that came with the appliance to connect the Snowball to the network.

If the above troubleshooting strategies don’t resolve your issue, contact AWS support for help.

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Published: 2016-06-24