I am unable to connect to my Amazon EC2 Windows instance with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). How can I fix this?

I’ve created an EC2 Windows instance and followed the steps in the AWS documentation for Connecting to Your Windows Instance, but the connection attempt fails with an error indicating one of the following:

  • Remote access to the server is not enabled
  • The remote computer is turned off
  • The remote computer is not available on the network

RDP connectivity issues can be caused by a number of factors. For more information, see Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer.

Note: If you continue to experience connectivity issues to your EC2 Windows instance, you can use EC2Rescue to check for configuration issues. For example, use EC2Rescue to troubleshoot instance connectivity, Windows firewall, Network interface, and RDP service issues. For more information, see How can I use EC2Rescue to troubleshoot and fix common issues on my EC2 Windows instance?

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Published: 2017-01-05

Updated: 2018-04-10