Rashim shows you how to
unlock a Snowball Edge device


I just received my AWS Snowball Edge. How do I turn it on and unlock it?

You can unlock a Snowball Edge by using the Snowball client, a tool you can download from AWS Snowball Tools.

To unlock a Snowball Edge for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Snowball client.
  2. Get your credentials.
  3. Connect to the Snowball Edge and unlock it.

Download and install the Snowball client

  1. On the Snowball Tools page, choose the Snowball client version for your OS.
    Note: The S3 Adapter comes already installed on Snowball Edge.
  2. Install the Snowball client on the server that you want to connect to the Snowball Edge.

Get your credentials

  1. Open the AWS Snowball console and choose the name of the job for your Snowball Edge.
  2. Select the arrow to expand the View Job Details pane for that job.
  3. Under Credentials, choose both Unlock Code and Download the Manifest File.
  4. Make note of the path to the manifest file; you need this later.
    Note: Anyone who has access to the manifest file and the unlock code has access to the contents of the associated Snowball Edge, so be sure to limit access and store this info securely.

Connect to the Snowball Edge and unlock it

  1. Connect the Snowball Edge to a power source and to your internal network, and turn on the Snowball Edge.
  2. Choose the Connections tab on the display to see the dynamic IP address of the Snowball Edge.
    Note: Use the dynamic IP address or create a static IP address, depending on your preferences and the requirements of your internal network.
  3. Make note of the IP address; you need this later.
  4. Open a terminal on the server, and ping the IP address for the Snowball Edge.
  5. Unlock the Snowball Edge using a command similar to the following:
snowballEdge unlock -i [IP Address] -m [Path/to/manifest/file] -u [29 character unlock code]

Note: Replace the [ ] with the required details. Here is an example command:

snowballEdge unlock -i -m /Downloads/JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin  -u 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

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Published: 2017-06-30