I'm signed up for an Amazon Chime Basic plan, but I'd like to upgrade to the Plus or Pro plan. How do I do that?

The Amazon Chime Basic plan doesn't require an AWS account, and it only applies to users of the Amazon Chime client who haven't been invited to an account by another user. Users that you create through the Amazon Chime console are automatically signed up for a Plus plan.

If you'd like access to the functionality provided by a Plus plan:

  1. (Optional) Create an account in the Amazon Chime console.
  2. Invite a new user to your account using your email address. You are sent an invitation to join the account at the email address you provided.
  3. Accept the invitation.

After accepting the invitation, you are automatically signed up for a Plus plan. If you want to upgrade your Plus subscription to a Pro plan, see To update from a Plus license to a Pro license of Purchase Amazon Chime.

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Published: 2017-09-28