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I am trying to launch an Amazon Redshift cluster in a specific VPC, but I do not see the VPC that I want in the drop-down list. Why isn't the VPC I want to launch my Amazon Redshift cluster to listed in the "Choose a VPC" drop-down list?

When you create a cluster in the Amazon Redshift console, you select the VPC to which you want to launch your Amazon Redshift cluster from a drop-down menu. If you do not see the VPC listed in the drop-down menu, there are two possible causes:

1.    The VPC does not exist in the same Region where you are trying to create the cluster.
2.    The VPC is not associated with any cluster subnet group(s).

1.    Create a VPC in the same Region where you want to launch an Amazon Redshift cluster.

2.    Create a cluster subnet group in the Amazon Redshift console.
Note: It is a best practice to create a cluster subnet group with two or more subnets from different Availability Zones to improve fault tolerance. However, all the nodes in a cluster must be in the same Availability Zone.

3.    Launch an Amazon Redshift cluster in the VPC.
Note: You might need to close the Launch Cluster page and then restart the Launch Cluster process for the VPC to appear in the drop-down list.

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Published: 2017-09-25

Updated: 2018-08-31