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share a file or folder
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How can I share a file or folder using Amazon WorkDocs?

You can share a file or folder by invite, or share a link to a file.

When sharing a file or folder:

  • You can't share a file or folder to a distribution list. To share to a distribution list, share a link to the file.
  • You can share a file or folder only with directory groups, not email distribution lists.
  • If your administrator configured WorkDocs with AD Connector, then you can't share with users outside the directory.
  • To view the permissions of a file or folder, choose the People tab.

For options and instructions about sharing a folder or file with other users and groups, see Sharing Files and Folders.

For steps to share file links with coworkers and external partners, see Sharing a Link.

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Published: 2018-10-05