AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Application Profiling migration tool comparison

Application Profiling migration tools from AWS Partners

Find a tool that can help you accelerate your migration to the AWS Cloud, based on discovery features. To compare tools, review and select product names or attributes to filter the results based on your interests. For additional tool categories, see the Migration tool comparison home page.

Selecting attributes in different filter categories narrows the selection of tools that are displayed. When you select multiple attributes within a filter category, only tools that support all the selected attributes are displayed (this does not apply to the Product name category).

For more information about each tool, choose the product name on a product card to view and compare tool details.

AWS Partner product descriptions and reported qualifications, including compliance, are provided by the AWS Partner and are not verified by AWS. For more information about these products, contact the AWS Partner. You are encouraged to conduct your own additional due diligence before choosing to use any of the products listed.

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Links to additional information about AWS Cloud migrations, AWS services, and AWS Partners who offer tools and resources to help with cloud adoption and modernization initiatives.