Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers AWS Developer Tools, a set of services that are designed to enable customers to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for their applications. This answer introduces an automated solution that sets up a CI/CD pipeline for applications written in Go. For more details »

Many DevOps teams incorporate continuous integration best practices to more rapidly develop and test their AWS CloudFormation templates before deployment. This answer introduces a solution that automatically deploys a pipeline on the AWS Cloud to validate templates for logical and functional integrity. For more details »

AWS Service Catalog allows companies to centrally manage the IT services available to their end users, and incorporates with AWS CloudFormation to create, test, and provision products as a single unit. To support best practices for continuous integration, AWS offers an automated solution that deploys a pipeline to test the logical and functional integrity of product templates. For more details »

When an application is deployed to an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment, having two separate, but identical, environments—blue and green—increases availability and reduces risk. AWS offers a Quick Start that uses AWS CodePipeline to create a temporary clone environment (green) that handles live traffic while testing and maintenance take place on your application code in the original environment (blue). For more details »

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