AWS Data Exchange for APIs enables customers to find, subscribe to, and use third-party API products from providers on AWS Data Exchange. With AWS Data Exchange for APIs, customers can use AWS-native authentication and governance, explore consistent API documentation, and utilize supported AWS SDKs to make API calls. Now, by adding their APIs to the AWS Data Exchange catalog, data providers can reach millions of AWS customers that consume API-based data and more easily manage subscriber authentication, entitlement, and billing.

How it works

How APIs for data sharing works

Benefits for subscribers

Find the APIs your organization needs—all in one place

Browse the AWS Data Exchange catalog of products containing APIs, and view relevant information on product detail pages.

Subscribe to APIs from multiple vendors

Easily manage and govern your organization's subscriptions and entitlements through the AWS Data Exchange console, AWS License Manager, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Easily call third-party APIs

Use AWS SDKs to automatically sign your API requests with your IAM user credentials.

Benefits for providers

Reach AWS customers with your APIs

Distribute products containing APIs to AWS customers on the AWS Data Exchange catalog.

Subscription and entitlement management

Use the automated subscription and entitlement management capabilities of AWS Data Exchange and remove the need to distribute API keys.

Make it easy for customers to use your APIs

Subscribers can easily authenticate their API requests using AWS SDKs.

Customer success

Infutor logo


"Consumer attributes fuel a marketer's 360-degree view of their customers and are invaluable to any data modeling initiative. AWS Data Exchange for APIs further removes friction and increases speed to value for our clients and the larger market. This additional layer of partnership with AWS Data Exchange introduces us to a new mix of customers who value fast and seamless data delivery."

Gary Walter, CEO - Infutor

Neustar logo


“Enterprises leveraging AWS Data Exchange want flexible, comprehensive capabilities that enable a privacy-safe use of data. Neustar is pleased to provide our Unified Identity solution within the AWS Data Exchange to give marketers access to verified identity data in real-time. Leveraging the new API integrations now available, we have built an ‘Always On’ identity management solution, to maintain the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of our clients’ customer data, seamlessly in AWS. By choosing Neustar’s direct integration with Amazon Web Services, enterprise organizations can achieve a truly unified and enriched view of their customer data.”

Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Solutions - Neustar

FactSet logo


“With the launch of AWS Data Exchange for APIs, we can deliver data and functionality to our customers however and wherever they need, with the first ones being APIs that leverage our calculation engines to return portfolio analytics for multi-asset class performance, attribution, and risk measurements. We’re certain that as more and more customers migrate to the cloud, having a cloud-first delivery mechanism will be critical to serving our customers and continuing to grow our business.“

George Wang, SVP Product Management, APIs – FactSet



“Our places data API helps power some of the most innovative consumer apps in the world with intelligent location data. AWS Data Exchange for APIs allows us to reach more customers, and quickly and easily integrate our tech and data into their products so they can build the next generation of game-changing consumer apps on AWS.”

Gary Little, CEO - Foursquare

IMDB logo


“As the world’s most popular and authoritative source of information on movies, TV shows and celebrities, IMDb licenses information from its vast and authoritative database to help businesses improve their own customers’ experience, power investment decisions, shape sentiment analysis, inform content acquisition strategies, and much more. Leveraging AWS Data Exchange’s new API product, including authentication, entitlement, and billing tools, has helped accelerate the launch of our own API offering. Key advantages and efficiencies for our business include reduced development time, cost and effort of maintaining our API—all of which helps us empower our customers to access and use entertainment data more quickly and easily.”

Brian Carver, Head of Data Licensing - IMDb

PredictHQ logo


“Leading businesses across a range of industries use PredictHQ’s intelligent event data to understand the impact of events for more accurate and profitable forecasting, so they can plan with confidence. AWS Data Exchange makes it faster and easier to access our high-quality intelligent event data, improving customer experiences and accelerating time to value.”

Robert Kern, Cofounder and CTO - PredictHQ

UT Austin

Vyaire Medical

"AWS is an obvious choice for analytics and data services, and AWS Data Exchange for APIs was a real game-changer for us. It offers the standard security framework using IAM, which is critical for us as a healthcare company, and enables our engineers to focus on building solutions, not managing data pipelines."

Gopal Ramamurthi, Vice President, Analytics & Global Data Management - Vyaire Medical

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