Palo Alto Networks VM-Series

Virtualized firewall provides security to accelerate the financial sector’s adoption of AWS

With VM-Series, financial institutions can improve visibility into applications, segment workloads, prevent advanced threats, and scale automatically based on demand. The VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewall enables the financial services industry to accelerate the move to AWS by delivering consistent, automated protections through innovative and comprehensive security for applications and data. Palo Alto Networks® complements AWS native security with their security operation platform, which also includes inline, API-based, and host-based components for comprehensive protection.

Palo Alto Networks is an AWS Partner with Competencies in Security and Networking Technology.

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    Solution highlights: ­ ­

    • Extend private data center to AWS seamlessly
    • Prevent data loss and business disruption
    • Protect mission-critical applications and data with Zero Trust principles
    • Block lateral movement of cyber threats within AWS workload

    Key features:

    • Full visibility into and control of traffic based on application, not just port numbers
    • Prevention of both known and unknown threats
    • Complementary AWS native security and Palo Alto Networks VM-Series design
    • Automated of deployment and configuration changes using native cloud and third-party tools
    • Consistent security controls across AWS and private data center next-generation firewalls

    AWS Security Competency Partners deliver VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewall implementations, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users.

  • Launch
  • Launch

    The VM-Series, virtualized next-generation firewall, is available through the AWS Marketplace or directly from Palo Alto Networks.

    Advanced security and analytics are available for the VM-Series with Splunk Enterprise.

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