AWS re:Invent 2018: Intro to AWS Lake Formation - Build a secure data lake (57:03)
How AWS Lake Formation cross account feature works (1:05:16)
AWS TechTalk: Introduction to AWS Lake Formation (30:19)
re:Invent Launchpad: Introducing AWS Lake Formation and Managed Streaming for Kafka (20:22)
AWS TechTalk: Fuzzy matching & deduplicating data with ML transforms for AWS Lake Formation (33:37)
AWS re:Invent 2019: Data lakes and data integration with AWS Lake Formation (58:35)
Deep dive into AWS Lake Formation - Level 300 (28:26)
AWS re:Invent 2019: Upgrading AWS Glue to use AWS Lake Formation permissions (56:14)

Blog posts and articles

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AWS Lake Formation – Now generally available

August 8, 2019
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Build, secure, and manage data lakes with AWS Lake Formation

August 8, 2019
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Integrate and deduplicate datasets using AWS Lake Formation FindMatches

August 8, 2019
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AWS podcast #316: Exploring AWS Lake Formation

June 10, 2019
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Implementing SAML AuthN for Amazon EMR using Okta and Column-Level AuthZ with AWS Lake Formation

August 21, 2020
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A public data lake for analysis of COVID-19 data

April 8, 2020
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