An Amazon EC2 Windows Server instance is stuck waiting for metadata (fails 1 of 2 health checks).

A Windows Server instance is failing 1 of 2 health checks, with the console output message "Waiting for meta-data accessibility..."

This can occur if your OS has no route out to the metadata service. This can be caused by a static IP address for a different subnet, which can happen if you deploy a custom AMI into a new instance in a new subnet.

In EC2-VPC, you can add a second elastic network interface (ENI) to the instance to provide the missing route and allow you to access the instance and resolve the problem with the static IP address.

More information about ENIs is available here: Creating an Elastic Network Interface.

For EC2-Classic, you need to perform offline registry edits to reenable DHCP and overcome static IP configurations. For detailed steps, see Waiting for the metadata service.

If you launch an instance in EC2-VPC that was previously running fine in EC2-Classic but is now stuck waiting for metadata, you can try updating to the latest version of the EC2Config service: Installing the Latest Version of EC2Config.

Finally, if OpenVPN is installed on the Windows Server instance, it can be causing this error. For instructions on how to disable OpenVPN from startup, see the Microsoft support article How to Disable a Service or Device That Prevents NT from Booting.

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