Performance Insights Customers

Catalyze is an advanced data analytics and asset management platform, helping commercial restate owners transform commercial properties into resilient, renewable, virtual utilities.

"Catalyze has been using RDS Performance Insights extensively since it was first introduced, and it’s helping us get the most out of our Aurora PostgreSQL instances. Our GIS platform has many extremely complex queries and Performance Insights has proven to be invaluable in helping us identify and optimize all of our queries, with up to 20X acceleration in some cases. Not only has it saved us a lot of time in diagnosing queries, it has also helped us lower our costs. By enabling us to optimize queries and allowing us to monitor load, Performance Insights eliminates the need to increase our Aurora instance size unnecessarily."

Steve Atherton, CTO & VP of Engineering - Catalyze

CitizenMe is a data platform that provides businesses and our citizens with tailored insights in a transparent and ethical way.

"Performance Insights for Aurora MySQL saved my bacon yesterday and today. What should have been a simple index access caused some significant performance problems for us. I could have spent many hours to days hunting down a performance issue that turned out to be a collation incompatibility between indexes in a join of two tables. Performance Insights helped me identify the issue in a matter of minutes."

Morten Jensen - CitizenMe

Cloudability is a cloud cost management platform that empowers enterprises to optimize their cloud financials with full accountability.

"We were thrilled when Performance Insights was announced for Aurora PostgreSQL. With Performance Insights, we have been able to quickly isolate slow and underperforming queries. This feature helped us detect important performance issues in development and avoid negative customer and business-impacting issues in production. It provides a simple dashboard that visualizes database load and allows you to easily identify sources of bottlenecks."

Matt Finlayson, Vice President of Engineering - Cloudability

Enova International is a technology and data analytics-driven online lending company operating 11 brands in 6 countries and providing analytics services to businesses.

“Performance Insights enables us to easily find performance problems with our database queries. Before we had this type of tool, our diagnostics process was laborious, and typically did not start until a user noticed an application problem. With Performance Insights, we open one tool and quickly and easily see where we have problems. One of the primary cases Performance Insights helps address is indexing: on at least 4 occasions, we saw performance problems before they became real application issues and addressed the underlying problems with better indexing. In several other cases, we were able to address issues with analytical queries before they became problems.”

Grant Evans, Database & AWS Administrator - Enova

New Innovations has built a business around shared ideas and beliefs that all point to a larger purpose—empowering medical educators and administrators to provide quality medical education.

"One of the most valuable tools AWS provides for Aurora is Performance Insights. Our DBA uses this dashboard on a daily basis and is able to isolate slow or CPU-bound queries. It provides a clean way to sort through millions of running queries and pinpoint issues, and it allows us to look at historical data."

Stephen Sciarini, IT Manager - New Innovations

RealityMine enables the world’s largest market research and media organizations to gain insights from consumer behavior. The RealityMeter system is used by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents.

“To optimize database performance, we used RDS Performance Insights pretty heavily during and after our migration, and it actually highlighted an issue immediately after the migration that allowed us to triple our throughput.”

Ewan Leith, Head of Engineering - RealityMine

Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and services with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series, Rayman, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs.

“We tried Performance Insights for the first time on a newly migrated service using an Amazon Aurora database. In a few minutes, this feature helped us find the performance issue on our production environment. It's simply great and helped us diagnose the performance problem rapidly. Thank you for this new feature!”

Pascal Paradis, Online Developer - Ubisoft

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