iRobot uses AWS RoboMaker simulation as part of its automated development and test processes to increase code quality and release velocity, while improving test coverage. With RoboMaker, iRobot now runs more than 40 automated tests on each code commit and more than 500 automated tests for each release candidate.

“Using the AWS RoboMaker simulator, we can run tests faster than real time and in parallel, enabling us to run 20 times the number of tests we did before, which gives us a more comprehensive measure of the product’s stability."

Chris Kruger, Director of Software Engineering - iRobot

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How iRobot uses AWS RoboMaker to Build and Test Millions of High Quality Robots (2:01)

Seafloor Systems, Inc. develops maritime robots that provide sonar imaging, underwater inspection, and mapping capabilities for hydrographers. As Seafloor planned a roadmap of software-driven investment to expand their fleet of autonomous surface vehicles, they wanted to make sure their customers benefited from a globally scalable set of tools and resources. With AWS, Seafloor can quickly develop and reliably test and deploy new features to robots in the field enabling them to support new robotics use cases that their customers request.

“With AWS RoboMaker Simulation, we’ve been able to scale our field use cases without the complexity, cost, and difficulty of performing identical tests on the open water. RoboMaker enables us to integrate our simulation testing into a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild. This made it possible for us to standardize and automate our software release process, maintain critical pre-configured environments, and keep the entire code base stable and maintained.”

Marcos Barerra, Lead Robotics and AI Research Engineer - Seafloor Systems, Inc.


Cheetah Mobile and its subsidiary Orion Star have developed service robots that can be used in various environments such as houses, museums, and airports. To increase adoption of their robots across a diverse customer set, the company created a robot application platform that makes it possible for developers without robotics expertise to build robot applications that enhance the functionality of the Orion Star service robots. Building applications requires developers to test the applications on Orion Star hardware, but it was cost prohibitive for Orion Star to send a physical service robot to each developer. AWS RoboMaker simulation enables Orion Star's developer customers to build and test their robotics applications in 3D virtual worlds.

“We began investigating how to simulate our robots’ mobility and how to provide simulation testing to our secondary developer customers as a service. We tried building and running test environments in Gazebo environments that we managed ourselves, but the development costs were too high, and it took much of our staff’s time. With the help of AWS RoboMaker, our customers can create multiple, realistic testing environments and run simulations tests with substantially lower costs and less work for our team. Since adopting AWS RoboMaker WorldForge, we have reduced our simulation development costs by 80% and the cost of operating simulators by 40%. Additionally, we and our customers benefit from the consistent excellent quality and automation that RoboMaker and AWS support provide, which can further reduce our operating expenses.”

KangZong Zhang, General Manager of AI Open Platform - Cheetah Mobile

Multiply Labs

With AWS Robomaker, Multiply Labs is able to quickly and efficiently produce small-batch personalized medicine by automatically deploying software updates to their robotics application multiple time a day.

“Using AWS RoboMaker, we can centrally orchestrate each manufacturing cluster of robots, with 9–15 different robots all connected to AWS RoboMaker. As a result, we can deliver customized therapies to patients in a single pill. We are also ready to scale this to all our customers quickly. Using AWS RoboMaker, it will be easy for us to go from our first nine robots to our next 100.”

Zack Bright, Chief Technology Officer - Multiply Labs

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Multiply Labs

By using AWS RoboMaker to connect Lea, its robotic assistive walker, to the cloud, Robot Care Systems added an intuitive voice interface, OTAupdates, and machine-learning–based analytics.

"Because RoboMaker helps us easily access AWS machine-learning services, we will be able to analyze sensor data from LEA to make predictions and send alerts. By using RoboMaker to stream data to the cloud, we're enabling the next generation of Lea robots to better detect movement and behavior changes that might suggest a heightened fall risk and reduce device speed or alert caregivers.”

Gabriel Lopes, Control and Robotics Scientist - Robot Care Systems

Stanley Black & Decker


Open Robotics

Open Robotics works with industry, academia, and government to create and support open source software for the global robotics industry, from R&D to commercial deployments.


ROS-Industrial is an open-source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing. AWS is a member of the ROS-Industrial Consortium. The ROS-Industrial Consortium provides cost-shared applied R&D for advanced factory automation. The consortium provides financial leverage to its members to accomplish their specific goals through Focused Technical Projects while accelerating the growth of ROS-Industrial in terms of its capabilities and user base.


FIRST designs accessible, innovative programs that build not only science and technology skills and interests, but also self-confidence, leadership, and life lessons.

“We’re excited to utilize AWS RoboMaker, helping make it easier for students of all ages to develop, test, and deploy robotic applications. Offerings like these make it easier for FIRST to meet its mission – to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in mentor-based, science-focused programs.”

Don Bossi, President - FIRST


"GTRI’s research in collaborative autonomy enables heterogeneous teams of robots to work together to accomplish mission objectives without the need for a human in the loop. Autonomous behaviors include onboard path planning through cluttered environments, efficient distribution of tasking, and sharing of sensor data for a common world view. AWS RoboMaker offers the ability to host our simulations in a powerful and accessible way, and to leverage tools and environmental models not available in more limited systems. We view this ability to simulate complex behaviors and interactions in a realistic simulation as critical to the development of powerful new algorithms and techniques."

Don Davis, Division Chief, Robotics and Autonomous Systems - Georgia Tech Research Institute

Cal Poly
Northeastern University
University of Cambridge
University of Waterloo
University of Michigan
Fresno State
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