Q: Can Media2Cloud integrate with AWS Partner Network (APN) partners?

A: Yes, currently this solution integrates with APN Partners who have experience with content management solutions for the media and entertainment industry. For more information, refer to the implementation guide.

Q: Does the Media2Cloud solution have any limitations?

A: Yes, the Media2Cloud solution has the following known limitations: 

Q: Can I customize the solution for my specific use case?

A: Media2Cloud is designed to provide a serverless framework for accelerating the setup and configuration of a content ingest process. We recommend that you use this solution as a baseline and customize it to meet your specific needs. You can also engage with an APN Partner to assist in the customization.

Q: Can I deploy the solution in any AWS Region?

A: This solution can be deployed to any AWS Region. If a service, such as Amazon Rekognition, is not currently available in the Region, the solution reduces its functionality. Analysis features such as celebrity recognition, label detection, and face detection will be turned off.

We recommend that you launch the solution in an AWS Region where Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend are available. For the most current availability of AWS services by Region, refer to the AWS Regional Services List.

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Introduction to AWS Media Services

This course provides an introduction to the AWS Media Services and how they can be used to deliver live and on-demand video by implementing video processing, storage and monetization workflows in the cloud.

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Introduction to AWS Elemental MediaConvert

In this course, you will learn about AWS Elemental MediaConvert, a file-based video processing service that allows anyone, with any size content library, to easily and reliably transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

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Partner resources

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is focused on helping partners build successful AWS-based businesses to drive superb solutions and customer experiences. APN Partners are focused on customer success, helping you take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer. With their deep expertise on AWS, APN Partners are uniquely positioned to help your company at any stage of your Cloud Adoption Journey and to help you solve some of your most complex problems.

The Media2Cloud solution integrates with APN Partners who have experience with content management solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Check out the AWS Media Blog.

Technology Partners 

Cloudfirst is an AWS Partner that specializes in large-scale, unstructured, active archive, and content storage management solutions for Media and Entertainment.
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Levels Beyond is an AWS Partner that provides a Media Asset Manager (MAM) service platform called Reach Engine.
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EditShare is an AWS Partner that designs and delivers high-performance, scalable, shared storage solutions that enable media professionals to create outstanding content.
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eMAM is an AWS Partner that powers workflows for production, post-production, sharing, and distribution: the entire lifecycle of a digital asset.
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Evertz is an AWS Partner that provides the Mediator-X, a cohesive, highly scalable, infrastructure agnostic platform for Media Asset Management, Transmission Playout and Non Linear delivery applications.
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IMT is an AWS Partner that provides SoDA, a new refreshing way to control data movement between storage tiers, on-site and in the cloud.
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Digital ReLab Starchive is an AWS Partner that offers a command center for today’s content producers.
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For a fuller description of AWS Partners integrated with this solution, refer to the implementation guide.

Consulting Partners 

Nomad CMS is an AWS Partner that supports the ability to bring an OTT metadata enrichment and discovery system to existing Amazon S3 assets.
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TrackIt is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with decades of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry and a wealth of cloud technology design and deployment work performed for many media-centric companies.
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