Last updated: February 1, 2022


Customers of Amazon Web Services Japan G.K. (“AWS Japan”)

On February 1, 2022, AWS Japan will replace Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWS, Inc.”) as the new AWS cloud services seller for all accounts located in Japan. At that time, all accounts located in Japan will purchase cloud services from AWS Japan instead of AWS Inc. Pay-by-invoicing accounts located in Japan were previously migrated to AWS Japan on November 1, 2021. AWS Japan will issue Japanese Consumption Tax (“JCT”) compliant invoices on all cloud services provided to Japan accounts.

AWS, Inc. will continue to issue invoices for services Japanese customers purchase through the AWS Marketplace or from AMCS LLC.

AWS Training and AWS Professional Services continue to be provided by AWS Japan.

Customers with AWS accounts located in Japan

Please visit the Payment Methods page of the AWS Billing Management Console to confirm/update your billing address. Additionally, please visit the My Account page of the AWS Billing Management Console to confirm or update your contact address. Please provide the e-mail address where you would like the JCT compliant invoices to be sent to. We would recommend providing a distribution e-mail list if you would like the JCT compliant invoices to be sent to multiple recipients.

Please click here for additional information.

How does AWS determine if your account is located in Japan?

AWS determines the location of each individual AWS account, based on certain information, including your Tax Registration Number (“TRN”), your billing address and your contact address. If you are based in Japan, your location will be based on your billing address or contact address, since Japan does not have a TRN system.  

See more information on how AWS determines the location of your AWS account.


Customers of AWS, Inc. located in Japan

AWS Japan customers (see here, FAQ #2) will receive JCT compliant invoices with JCT at a rate of 10%. To the extent you purchase AWS services from AWS, Inc. and/or AMCS LLC, these entities will continue to invoice and charge you JCT as appropriate.

As of October 1, 2015, supplies of cross-border digital services are subject to JCT rules whereby the nonresident supplier who meets certain criteria is required to collect and remit JCT on sales to Japanese customers.

Although AWS, Inc. is established in the United States, it is registered for JCT purposes (the registration number is 00004). As such, AWS, Inc. accounts for JCT on certain cloud computing services. 

Certain telecommunications services are sold by AMCS LLC, an Amazon entity. For further information, please click here. AMCS LLC is registered for JCT purposes (the registration number is 00094). As of January 1, 2020, JCT applies on services provided to Japanese customers by AMCS LLC. 

The JCT rate has been increased to 10% from 8% effective on October 1, 2019. The prices quoted on the AWS website are JCT exclusive. If JCT is charged on a supply, as of October 1, 2019, a tax invoice will also be issued to you and it will appear in your AWS Billing Management Console. JCT collected from Japanese customers is remitted to the Japanese tax authorities by AWS, Inc. and AMCS LLC.

If you purchase software, data, or professional services via the AWS Marketplace, note that AWS is not required or allowed to collect JCT on sales made by Marketplace Sellers.

If you are JCT registered, you may be entitled to recover the JCT paid on services provided by AWS, Inc. and AMCS LLC through the tax return filing process. More information regarding the recovery of JCT can be found on the NTA official page.