AWS Thinkbox Sequoia

Point cloud processing and meshing software

Natively integrate with AWS Thinkbox Deadline to implement point cloud and mesh processing across multiple compute nodes.

Manage user interaction and data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations.

Create watertight or single-sided meshes and clean up unwanted mesh by removing detached islands.

Import, convert, and export a wide range of industry-standard point data formats and allow easier batch conversion.

How it works

AWS Thinkbox Sequoia creates geometry from point cloud data acquired from laser scanners, photogrammetry, and other sources.

Use cases

Examine point cloud data

Explore large point cloud datasets on any hardware compatible with Windows, macOS, or Linux platforms.

Create unified mesh

Produce point clouds from mesh surfaces, allowing a mesh-points-mesh workflow for unifying multiple small parts into a continuous mesh.

Create different mesh forms

Generate a single mesh or multiple mesh segments from one or more point cloud data sources.

Transform point data

Convert point cloud data into the Specification-Based Program Review Tool format, a compact and fast-to-access intermediate cache format.

How to get started

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