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Check out these self-study guide resources for IT professionals, architects, and software developers who are interested in learning how to design, build, and deploy Microsoft workloads on AWS. The topic areas addressed include: AWS core service prerequisites for running Microsoft workloads, DevOps and System Administration, Security, Active Directory and Directory Services, SQL Server, and more. 

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Type Notes & Links Mins
Whitepaper Introduction to DevOps on AWS 30
Video AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell 50
Doc AWS Management Portal for VMware vCenter 30
Video Benefit from DevOps When Moving to AWS for Windows 55
Video EC2 Systems Manager for Hybrid Cloud Management 52
Video How I learned to embrace DevOps and Configure Infrastructure at Scale 49
Video Manage Inventory, Patching, and System Images for Your Hybrid Cloud 49
Whitepaper Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Simple Systems Manager (SSM) 30
QuickStart Remote Desktop Gateway on the AWS Cloud 60
QuickStart Windows PowerShell DSC on the AWS Cloud 120
Lab AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell: Getting Started 50
Lab Using Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration in AWS 60
Video Best Practices: OpsWorks for Windows on AWS 60
Whitepaper Using Amazon Web Services and DFS Replication for Diaster Recovery of File Servers 30
Video AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Introduction 2
Video AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Demo 5
Video Setting up the AWS PowerShell Module on Mac, Linux, or Windows 11
Video Managing Amazon S3 Buckets and Objects with AWS Tools for PowerShell 9
Video Managing Windows Server on AWS EC2 with AWS Systems Manager and PowerShell Remoting 26
Video Calling AWS Systems Manager Run Command from AWS Tools for PowerShell 17
Video Storing Configurations with AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and PowerShell 10
Video Generating Text-to-Speech Audio Files with Amazon Polly and PowerShell 12
Video Identify Celebrities, Text, and Labels using Amazon Rekognition and PowerShell 17
Video Configure Static Website Hosting on Amazon S3 using AWS Tools for PowerShell 11

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