The Deutsche Börse Public Dataset (DBG PDS) project makes real-time data derived from Deutsche Börse's trading market systems available to the public for free. This is the first instance that such detailed financial market data has been shared freely and continually from the source provider.

This data is provided on a minute-by-minute basis and aggregated and processed from the XETRA and EUREX engines, which comprise a variety of equities, funds and derivative securities. The PDS contains details on a per security level, detailing trading activity by minute including the high, low, first and last prices within the time period.

Deutsche Börse Group believes that freely available, high quality data fosters innovation and creates business opportunities. The financial community, academic researchers, data scientists and others can explore the possibilities of the data to open up new analysis and product possibilities.

The official project website, which contains information about the data structure, is the following Github repository:

General questions and support requests should be posted as issues.

The data is uploaded into two Amazon S3 Buckets in the EU Central (Frankfurt) region:

  • s3://deutsche-boerse-xetra-pds (for XETRA data)
  • s3://deutsche-boerse-eurex-pds (for EUREX data)

Within each bucket, data is stored in separate directories for each day, with each day's directory containing a number of CSV files, each of which represents one hour's worth of trading data.

Files are named following this pattern:


Where MRKT is either "XEUR" for Eurex data or "XETR" for Xetra data and hh is the specific hour contained within that CSV file (between 00-23). Data is only generated during trading hours, so there will not necessarily be 24 files for each day, nor will there necessarily even be the same number of files between days.

The market and date are repeated from the bucket and directory respectively to ensure there are no name collisions when the files are downloaded into a different directory structure.

For example, the Eurex market data for the 1pm (13:00) hour on 14th February 2018 would be found at:


All times, both in the CSV and in the names, are UTC. Both Eurex and Xetra are hosted in the Central European Timezone, which is UTC+1 or UTC+2 depending on the time of year.

This data is provided "as is", and Deutsche Börse makes no claim as to the accuracy or completeness of the data in the Public Dataset.

Deutsche Börse Group
Format csv
License Non-commercial (NC) - licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works and remixes based on it only for non-commercial purposes.
Storage Service Amazon S3
Location s3://deutsche-boerse-eurex-pds
Both buckets are in EU (Frankfurt) Region
Update Frequency The data is updated every minute during trading hours.

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