Amazon QuickSight Features

Create and share dashboards that scale to hundreds of thousands of users on any device

Built for enterprise workloads

Amazon QuickSight has a serverless architecture that automatically scales to hundreds of thousands of users without the need to set up, configure, or manage your own servers. It also ensures that your users don’t have to deal with slow dashboards during peak hours, when multiple business intelligence (BI) users are accessing the same dashboards or datasets. And with pay-per-session pricing, you pay only when your users access the dashboards or reports, which makes it cost effective for deployments with many users. QuickSight is also built with robust security, governance, and global collaboration features for your enterprise workloads. 

Serverless autoscaling

QuickSight is serverless and can automatically scale to tens of thousands of users, without any infrastructure to manage or capacity to plan for. QuickSight gives users and analysts self-service business intelligence (BI), so they can answer their own questions, collaborate, and share insights. With QuickSight, your users can connect to data sources, create/edit datasets, create visual analyses, invite coworkers to collaborate on analyses, and publish dashboards and reports.

Broad data source support

QuickSight allows you to directly connect to and import data from a wide variety of cloud and on-premises data sources. These include software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as Salesforce, Square, ServiceNow, Twitter, GitHub, and JIRA; third-party databases such as Teradata, MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server; native AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), and Amazon Aurora; and virtual private cloud (VPC) subnets. You can also upload a variety of file types including Excel, CSV, and JSON.

SPICE (super-fast, parallel, in-memory calculation engine)

With SPICE, the QuickSight in-memory calculation engine, you achieve blazing fast performance at scale. SPICE automatically replicates data for high availability, allowing thousands of users to simultaneously perform fast, interactive analysis, while shielding your underlying data infrastructure, which saves you time and resources.

Support for Billion-row datasets

SPICE now supports datasets up to a billion rows, so you can access and analyze very large datasets quickly. Billion-row dataset support is now available to all Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition customers.

Global collaboration and multitenancy

As an AWS service with customers all over the world, QuickSight has been designed and built as a global product from the beginning. The QuickSight application is localized in 10 major languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. QuickSight is also available across multiple AWS regions including US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Europe (Dublin).

Built-in security and compliance

QuickSight provides built-in security features so you can distribute dashboards and insights more securely to tens of thousands of users. In addition to the multi-region availability and built-in redundancy, QuickSight allows you to manage your users and content through a comprehensive set of security features including role-based access controls (RBACs), Active Directory integration, AWS CloudTrail auditing, single sign-on (such as AWS IAM and third parties), VPC subnets, and data backup. QuickSight is also FedRAMP-, HIPAA-, PCI DSS–, ISO-, and SOC-eligible to help you meet any industry-specific or regulatory requirements.

Mobile app support

QuickSight Mobile for iOS and Android helps you securely get insights from your data from anywhere. Favorite, browse, and interact with all of your dashboards in a straightforward mobile-optimized experience. You can explore your data by drilling down and filtering, stay ahead of the curve through forecasting, get email alerts when unexpected changes happen in your data, and share those insights with colleagues. QuickSight Mobile is available as a free download for all QuickSight users from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Pay-per-use pricing

QuickSight offers a unique, industry-first, pay-per-session model for dashboard readers (users who consume dashboards others have created). Instead of paying a fixed license cost per month, readers are billed $0.30 for a 30-minute session up to a maximum charge of $5/reader/month for unlimited use. This pricing model allows all of your users to access secure, interactive dashboards and email reports on a pay-per-session basis with no upfront costs or complex capacity planning.

Extensive API capabilities

QuickSight now offers expanded API capabilities that make it easier to create and manage users, datasets, and assets. QuickSight APIs provide programmatic access to BI assets such as dashboards, analysis, and reports. This API access to the underlying data models allows these BI assets to be treated as software source code and managed in your DevOps pipelines. You can use these APIs to programmatically migrate from legacy BI solutions to QuickSight, thereby accelerating the BI transition to the cloud.

Embedded Analytics for all applications

With Amazon QuickSight, you can quickly embed interactive dashboards and visualizations into your applications without needing to build your own analytics capabilities. Blend analytics seamlessly into your application with Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics themes, which help you personalize the look and feel (for example, colors and fonts) of your reports and dashboards. Integrate dashboards and visualizations into your application’s user experience by setting defaults and handling errors to match your application's user experience.

QuickSight Embedded Analytics Demo

One-step embedding

QuickSight Enterprise Edition now supports one-step embedding, a feature that allows you to embed rich, interactive dashboards in applications, wikis, and portals, without needing to call embedding APIs. Authorized end users can start accessing these dashboards instantly, without any server deployments or infrastructure licensing needed. One-step embedding allows you to give your users insights in minutes.

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Custom-branded email reports

QuickSight Enterprise Edition now supports the ability to send custom-branded email reports. You can customize the email sender domain for email reports sent from QuickSight, along with the logo, header color, and footer text of the email. If you have your dashboard embedded in your own application, you can also customize the URL to open the dashboard from the email to the URL of your application.

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Deeper data insights

Amazon QuickSight empowers your users to gain deeper insights through as-needed analysis and machine learning (ML) capabilities such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and natural language querying (NLQ). In addition, users can author, publish, and share their own dashboards and reports to get specific answers to their customized questions. These capabilities provide you with new ways of monetizing and differentiating your applications.

Serverless architecture and simplified management

In addition to QuickSight's serverless architecture, with QuickSight APIs, you can programmatically manage your analytics workflows, such as setting up multitenant architecture for isolating data between multiple end users, moving dashboards across accounts, automating deployments, and managing access for users with single sign-on (SSO).

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Ask questions of your data in natural language

With Amazon QuickSight Q, anyone in an organization can ask business questions in natural language and receive accurate answers with relevant visualizations that help them gain insights from the data. QuickSight Q uses ML to interpret the intent of a question and analyze the correct data to quickly provide accurate answers to business questions.

Introduction to QuickSight Q

Understands your intent

QuickSight Q uses ML to automatically understand the meaning and relationships among business data, giving you accurate answers with relevant visualizations.

Designed for your business

QuickSight Q is pretrained on data from domains such as sales, marketing, financial services, healthcare, and sports analytics, so it understands your business language and terms.

Provides better answers

QuickSight Q improves over time based on your questions. Authors can see the most popular questions from readers, which they can then use to make improvements to their dashboards.

Reduces time to insight

With QuickSight Q, you can quickly get insights into your data because you no longer have to wait for BI teams to update the data and dashboards for every new question.

Automates data preparation

QuickSight Q automatically infers and adds semantic information to datasets, reducing the time and effort needed to start asking questions about data in natural language. QuickSight Q uses pretrained ML models and learnings from your existing assets (dashboards and reports) to infer and add semantic information to datasets, reducing the time BI teams spend prepping data for NLQ from weeks to minutes.

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