"8KMiles Cloud Solutions offers end-to-end, turnkey Mobility/Big Data solutions for enterprise, SMBs and state/local governments. 8KMiles is an AWS Premier Partner with a track record of success in quickly standing up an Amazon presence so clients can begin leveraging the advantages of a secure, on-demand infrastructure sooner."

"The ease of deployment, low management footprint and backups with point-in-time recovery are some of multiple features which attract us to recommend Amazon RDS repeatedly to our customers. Amazon RDS has enabled us to deploy the infrastructure quickly and pass on the savings to our customers, which in turn has helped our customer teams focus more on their business and less on their infrastructure."

"8KMiles has been deploying Amazon RDS on all 3 available platforms, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server, from its inception, for delivering highly scalable and available database solutions for our customers on AWS. We have leveraged Amazon RDS's Multi-AZ feature numerous times to provide our customers with database high availability that is redundant across AWS data centers, ensuring increased up time. We have deployed Multiple Read Replica’s of Amazon RDS, elastically with ease and combined it with load balancing to handle the read scalable production use cases." - Harish Ganesan, CTO, 8KMiles