"Attunity provides solutions designed to simplify and accelerate the transfer of data to, from, and across Amazon Web Services."

Attunity Replicate

"Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS enables organizations to simplify and accelerate the loading of data and incremental changes from a variety of heterogeneous sources to, from, and between Amazon RDS instances.

  • Acceleration: high performance data transfer
  • Guaranteed Delivery: automatic recovery, security, auditing and reporting
  • Automation: incremental CDC (supported) or scheduled batch execution
  • Zero Foot-Print Architecture: no need to install software on source or target machines
  • Interface: Drag & Drop for easy configuration
  • Transformations: Flexible target database schema mapping and transformations"

"Knowing that Amazon RDS customers value easy set up and minimal administration, but at the same time, high-performance and cost-efficient solutions, Attunity’s ‘Replicate’ solution proudly reflects these advantages. Within minutes, customers can leverage Attunity Replicate to manage data integration, with simplicity and acceleration, across Amazon RDS and other compute environments."

"Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS extends the traditional boundaries of the on-premises datacenter. By providing high-performance, easy-to-use, and end-to-end data loading directly into the Amazon RDS data warehouse, Attunity’s solution provides rapid time-to-value. Utilizing Attunity CloudBeam's SaaS platform, Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS employs log-based change data capture (CDC) technology to stream changes captured from the source databases to the data warehouse." - Itamar Ankorion, Vice President, Attunity