"CSS Corp is a global technology solutions provider to enterprises, consumers, and technology companies. CSS follows a support-centric model to all its services that help its clients leverage IT to align business objectives. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, CSS is backed by leading financial institutions including SAIF partners, Goldman Sachs, and Sierra Ventures. CSS has taken a lead in using AWS to architect enterprise solutions that would enable more efficient usage of technology infrastructure. Some of the AWS tools released by CSS include Hapx, CloudBuddy Enterprise,Cloud Vault, and CloudBuddy Analytics."

"Amazon RDS takes care of most of the manual database administrative tasks, saving us time and energy that we can better use on provisioning, deployment and recovery strategies at every tier. We leverage from many Amazon RDS features, the top ones are Multi-AZ for high availability, Amazon RDS API for automated provisioning and Amazon RDS PIOPS for consistent I/O performance requirements.

We have been able to use Amazon RDS for quick small-scale relational database requirement to long period huge-scale relational database requirements. We have found that Amazon RDS integrates well within the cloud ecosystem delivering high performance, optimized DB engines as required."

"We use Multi-AZ for high availability and redundancy in all relational database deployments helping us to eliminate single points of failure for the application. We heavily rely on Provisioned IOPS to deliver optimal, high performance database services.

CSS Corp’s in-house infrastructure management platform is integrated with Amazon RDS for “push-button” provisioning. Our provisioning and scaling capabilities complements all features of Amazon RDS delivering highly available, redundant, scalable relational database managed services for our customer’s workload requirements. We at CSS Corp also carry out performance testing to benchmark the infrastructure components to delivery the required performance to meet business requirements and we have always been able to achieve the required performance from Amazon RDS systems through consistent tuning." - Vishahan Iyer, Vice President, CSS Corp