"Founded in 2003, Isobar has since become the world's most global digital agency powered by nearly 3,500 people across 37 markets. We are part of the Dentsu Aegis Network.

We create long-term, rewarding relationships between brands and consumers, and are committed to ideas without limits, borderless thinking and experiences that translate across markets. Our worldwide reach means that we can bring fulfilling experiences to our clients and their customers—wherever they want to lead in the world.

We are a full-service agency known for tackling the largest, most complex problems in the digital space across multiple channels. The range of experiences we create cover major marketing campaigns to enterprise solutions on web and mobile platforms. What we are not known for is pretty compelling too. That's because some of our projects are behind a firewall—closely guarded new product launches, transformational business strategies or government projects.

For us, Big Data is more than just data storage in a data warehouse. Big Data is about the ability to successfully transform data to answer critical and time-sensitive business questions."


Parag Thakker
Vice President

"Amazon RDS service enables us to quickly and efficiently build highly scalable multi-tenant or single tenant architectures, at a fraction of the cost. As a primary technology provider, we prefer Amazon RDS due to its easier learning curve vs. hosting a traditional relational database system. Amazon RDS also enables us to be more self-sufficient and reduces the dependency on Infrastructure teams to stand-up servers during project development stages.

We investigated many database hosting alternatives, and prefer Amazon RDS for a number of reasons:

  • Quick & Easy to Set up. We were initially impressed by how simple and easy we were able to stand up database instances, but more importantly, as our needs have changed we've been able to quickly reconfigure our system so that we are always allocating resources in the most cost efficient manner.
  • Ease of Management. Using Amazon RDS services we have been able to take direct control over our system and remove dependencies like “waiting for the network guys”. Having features like Monitoring, Backups and Logging at our fingertips allows us to quickly analyze and diagnose problems.
  • Performance. It's absolutely imperative for us that our solutions have excellent performance, which means that any database solution we implement has to be responsive and Amazon's RDS service allows us to confidently predict performance.
  • Pricing. When you factor in everything that it really takes (Human Resources, Rent, Electricity, Infrastructure, etc. etc.) to host a highly scalable RDS system, you just can't beat the price of Amazon RDS services. They've definitely delivered on the "only pay for what you use" promise of the cloud.
  • Improved time to market. As a technology provider, it is very important for us to eliminate any project overhead and deliver to our client in a very short timeline. Amazon RDS reduces dependency on client infrastructure organization to setup servers especially during development/QA/UAT stages. Now with our in-house Amazon RDS expertise, we are able to efficiently stand-up desired infrastructure within few hours vs. traditional approach that could take days or months. Thereby Amazon RDS enables us to deliver to our clients very efficiently and reduces overall time to market."

"We use Amazon RDS services to host data as part of our Big Data solutions for clients when the data has to be highly responsive and scalable and system failure is not an option. In our infrastructure it’s firmly planted between three other highly reliable and scalable Amazon services: Elastic MapReduce, Redshift and Beanstalk. In other words, Amazon RDS is the backbone of our client facing applications." - Parag Thakker, Vice President, Isobar