"Looker is a modern way to unleash the value of business data. Born of the web, Looker reinvents the way BI works by delivering an entirely new kind of data discovery solution, one that multiplies the work of smart data people and promotes a curiosity-driven culture throughout the customer’s organization.

Looker modernizes BI in three important ways. A simplified web-based stack leverages our 100% in-database architecture, so customers can operate on big data and find the last mile of value in the new era of fast analytic databases. An agile development environment enables today’s data rockstars to model the data and create end-user experiences that make sense for each specific business, transforming data on the way out, rather than on the way in. At the same time, a self-service data-discovery experience works the way the web works, empowering business users to drill into and explore very large datasets without ever leaving the browser. As a result, Looker customers enjoy the power of traditional BI at the speed of the web."

"With Looker, Amazon RDS customers can see business value right away. Looker and Amazon RDS combine our modern web-based approach to BI with the ease of creating an analytical infrastructure that’s scalable, cost-effective and easy to manage. Customers can quickly set up powerful analytical environments that are 100% in the cloud and 100% in compliance with their security requirements, while delivering a browser-based experience that enables anyone in the organization to access the data they need to thrive. Set up is so easy that customers can have their own Cloud BI stack in a matter of minutes—without needing to go through a data warehousing project."

"Customers deploy the Looker BI platform on EC2 and use any Amazon RDS slave as an analytics infrastructure to provide real-time data access. They manage the live connection to the Amazon RDS instance through the Looker interface, which enables them to model and embellish comprehensive data and perform sophisticated analytics, without needing a star or snowflake schema. At the same time, customer security is never compromised, and the customer can deploy Looker within its AWS Security Group and add resources via AWS as business and data needs grow." Keenan Rice, Vice President, Looker