"Optaros delivers digital commerce services that embrace emerging technologies to create exceptional branded experiences. Optaros provides the technical capabilities of a systems integrations company, the UX and creative design of an interactive agency, and the insights of an expert commerce consultancy. Our expertise spans the full commerce ecosystem, from customer-facing experiences to integrations with enterprise back-office applications."

"Amazon RDS has simplified our database management tasks in many ways.

Flexible Control

Optaros prefers Amazon RDS because it simplifies our process for managing large numbers of databases, while still allowing for fine-grained control of the settings for each individual system.

Simplified Task Performance

Amazon RDS makes it easy for us to perform the critical database tasks required to maintain high SLA's. Complex database configurations and tasks become checkbox options, or a push of a button. Amazon RDS' rich feature set makes it easier for us to perform otherwise time consuming tasks, such as creating a synchronous slave with auto-failover through Amazon RDS Multi-AZ, creating a Read-Replica, snapshot backup, major and minor database upgrades and point-in-time restores, to name a few.


The ease of Amazon RDS scalability, when coupled with the ability to tune PIOPS, allows us to tailor size and performance to the needs of the current application, thereby reducing the chance of wasting resources on "what might be". This eliminates the need for our Database Administration and Operations teams to spend time on simple maintenance tasks, letting them focus their time and efforts on optimization and critical application tuning."

"Optaros uses Amazon RDS as the core database technology behind our eCommerce platform and web application implementations. We use Amazon RDS to power applications at all stages of the lifecycle, from development and QA to staging and production." - Miguel Picornell, Vice President, Optaros