"SaaSForce Consulting Pvt Ltd. is a customer-centric, high tech, Cloud services Consulting Company focused on increasing Cloud Adoption amongst enterprises. We are Advanced Consulting Partners with Amazon Web Services and Gold Cloud Alliance Partners with Salesforce.com. We provide Process and Technology consulting with deep skills in integration and customization of cloud based applications such as Salesforce.com, Force.com and Amazon Web Services. We are currently a 90 people strong team headquartered out of Noida, Delhi NCR (India) with presence in USA and Singapore. We specialize in custom consulting services, implementation and data management services in cloud applications and cloud platforms."

"Amazon RDS is an excellent performer in the context of Relational Databases. With a huge bounty of DB instance types to choose from, one can leverage the RDS Service for all types of RDBMS requirements. To mention a few recurring key-points, Amazon RDS is:

  • Easy to access: A point and click deployment, easy endpoint connectivity provides for an easy setup.
  • Automatic: Automatic patching and automatic failover options help in easing out the kinks present with traditional database services.
  • Highly available: With Point in time backups and with the functionality to promote read replicas, Amazon RDS definitely does not let the connection go down, literally!
  • Efficient: Options include Read Replicas, Synchronous Replication with Automatic Failover Transitions. This makes for high throughput in terms of I/O as well."

"We advise Amazon RDS to our clients for their RDBMS requirements. We have implemented several solutions including Application Migrations and Start-up Applications encompassing the E-commerce and the Marketing domain and are using Amazon RDS for one of our own home-grown legacy applications.

With the constant new additions to the feature list and customer focused pricing options, we can leverage Amazon RDS as a powerhouse for our client’s and our RDBMS needs." - Jaideep Kumar, CEO, SaasForce